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Shynex Bundle
Blast and Sahara
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Blast and Sahara

Sahara waterless wash cleaning system is a quick detailer, which is easy to use on and off. Simply spray the waterless washing solution onto your cars paint to revive dull paint from scratches and dirt on the clear coat, while preventing oxidation and adding UV protection. The patented liquid polish works on chrome, plastic, glass, and mirrors to prevent corrosion and maintain optimum car care. Blast is the all in one waterless wash car care cleaner and liquid polish. Blast is the most advanced spray car detailing product ever developed! Treat your cars paint, leather, PVC dashboard, glass, and any other surface from UV rays and restoring your car to its original shine. The patented Camo-Adaptive™ technology allows Blast to adapt to any surface without leaving any unwanted residue. Blast features a special Camo-Adaptive Glassplexin® formula which allows gloss paint to shine, and matte paint to look brand new without any added sheen. Get both as a package for an unbelievable price. 

Package includes: 
1x Bottle of Blast 
1x Bottle of Sahara 
1x Microfiber Cloth 
1x Applicator

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