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Waterless Wash & Detailer
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Waterless Wash & Detailer

Sahara waterless wash is the most advanced car care product available to remove dirt, fill scratches, remove watermarks, water spots, and eliminate stains. The advanced dry wash formula bonds to the paint to protect the paint job of your car, preventing oxidation, and leaving your car with a superior shine.

Waterless Cleaning 
The unique express detailing formula was designed for extremely dry regions of the world where water is a scarce commodity. Sahara has been formulated for a complete car wash, without the use of any water! Sahara waterless wash can be used to clean your car, even with dirt and dust on the paint. Most waterless washes will scratch the cars paint during express detailing, but Sahara will help avoid scratches during the detailing process, creating a superior shine. 

Perfect Shine Glass Coating
Sahara waterless washing formula uses Glassplexin® liquid glass to revive dull clear coat paint with absolutely no car wax! The patented Glassplexin® formula bonds to the paint of your car, filling in scratches, and creating a rock- hard protective coating. This Glassplexin® coating protects your car from further scratches and contamination while helping prevent corrosion, filling scratches and removing swirl marks. Glassplexin® will ensure your car detailing outlasts, outshines, and outperforms any scratch polish on the market.

Protects Like No Other

Sahara waterless detailing also protects your car from bird droppings, tree sap, acid rain, silicone spray, and adds UV protection; ensuring your car maintains optimum shine! Unlike other waterless washes on the market, Sahara waterless cleaning system is not water soluble ensuring water and contaminants are repelled from your cars surface.

Quick to use all over
Not only does Sahara work on paint, it also works on chrome, plastic, and glass, making it a great all around liquid polish for your car. Sahara waterless wash is easy to use on and off, making it the best quick detailer on the market. Simply apply Sahara to your cars paint surface, and wipe clean with the microfiber cloth to restore your cars shine.

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