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Detail, Clean & Protect
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Detail, Clean & Protect

BLAST the all in one waterless wash car care cleaner and liquid polish is the most advanced spray car detailing product ever developed!

Use On All Paints:

Gloss Paint Matte Paint Finishes Enamel Paint Powder Coat Flat Paint Clear Coated Paint

Nitrocellulose Paint Powder Coat Satin Paint Polyurethane Paint Gel-Coat Paint

Blast is the best all around product for cleaning satin paint jobs, clear coat paints, as well as cleaning matte paint jobs. Blast is the most advanced matte paint cleaner and is the best for cleaning matte black paint jobs.

Use All Over:

Carbon Fibre Mirrors Plastic Chrome Metal Alloys Car Foils
Fibreglass Rubber Glass Aluminium Smooth or Rough Rubber

Blast even works when cleaning engine blocks, and is perfect when it comes to foil care. Just a small spray even works on vinyl wrapping to make surfaces shine like new! The exclusive use of Camo-Adaptive™ technology allows Blast to adapt to whatever surface the spray is applied to, while leaving absolutely no residue. Thanks to the special Camo-Adaptive Glassplecin® formula, Blast ensures your gloss paint will stand out with extra shine, and your flat paint to look brand new without any added sheen. All this is done without the use of any car wax. No matter what the surface, Blast knows what it’s meant to do!

Blast Even Works Great On:

Visors Leather Plexiglass Goggles Acrylic
Perspex Helmets Sunglasses Vinyl Matte Black Film

As well as being an all around car cleaner, Blast works to protect your car against powerful UV rays, which will maintain the quality of the paint from contamination and the harsh environment. Use on any surface of your vehicle and see your car look like new. Blast is simple to use, sprays on fast and wipes off easy. Blast is Quick `N´ Fast! Don’t drive without it!

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Specifications // Blast Product ID: 1

Surfaces Gloss Paint & Flat Paint (Matte & Satin)
Use On Polyurethane, Enamel, Nitrocellulose, Gel-Coat, Carbon Fiber, Fiberglass, Glass, Vinyl, Rubber, Chrome and Aluminium
Quantity 355 ml (12 oz)

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