• Shynex Blast

    Detail, Clean & Protect

    BLAST the all in one waterless wash car care cleaner and liquid polish is the most advanced spray car detailing product ever developed! Treat your cars paint, leather, PVC dashboard, glass, and any other surface from UV rays and restoring your car to its original shine. The patented Camo-Adaptive™ technology allows Blast to adapt to any surface without leaving any unwanted residue. Blast features a special Camo-Adaptive Glassplexin® formula which allows gloss paint to shine, and matte paint to look brand new without any added sheen.

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  • Shynex Sahara

    Waterless Wash & Detailer

    Sahara waterless wash cleaning system is a quick detailer, which is easy to use on and off. Simply spray the waterless washing solution onto your cars paint to revive dull paint from scratches and dirt from the clear coat, while preventing oxidation and adding UV protection. The patented liquid polish works on chrome, plastic, glass, and mirrors to prevent corrosion and maintain optimum car care.

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  • Shynex Bundle

    Blast and Sahara

    Get the whole Shynex Experience. For an unbeatable Price. BLAST the all in one waterless wash car care cleaner and liquid polish is the most advanced spray car detailing product ever developed! SAHARA the most advanced waterless wash and liquid polish with Glassplexin® to refurbish dull paint and give your car a shine you have never experienced before.

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    Shynex Blast

Want to know how Shynex Blast works?

Shynex Blast is the easiest detailing product you will ever use. Simply give Blast a good spray onto the surface wipe clean with a microfiber cloth and see Blasts magic.

Shynex Blast in our Shop

Especially designed for matte paint

Shynex Blast is a cleaner which has been developed with the focus to clean matte & flat paint and surfaces that have a fine micro structure. Owners of vinyl-wrapped cars most certainly don't want to ruin the appearance of their satin paint with grease-like gloss from using polish or wax. That's where Shynex Blast can unfold it's power. Blast gives matte surfaces a clean in-depth and dry-like appearance without ruining the semi-gloss look.

Spray Detail everything

Use Shynex Blast to renew the shine of your dashboard, make your used home-electronics like DSLR-Camera bodys and lenses shine like new. Clean your Sunglasses, Visors, Mirrors and Displays without streaks and debris.

Shynex Sahara Waterless Wash Polish

Shynex Sahara is a waterless washing solution to be used in cases where water and wax are not an option. Australia is a country with very hot and dry summers where car owners often face severe water restrictions, droughts are just one example. Offroaders and bush drivers who want to keep their car paint in a good and clean condition when they have a limited supply of water.

Shynex Sahara in our Shop

Your car paint is like skin

... and that's why it is important that your paint job is regularly cleaned and protected from harsh UV rays. This is where Shynex Sahara comes into play. Spray it on, give it a few minutes to settle, and then you simply wipe it off with a microfibre cloth. Sahara makes the whole process of cleaning your car simpler, faster, more effective! This process alone is enough to maintain a deep clean look, and give your car paint UV-Protection at the same time. You can apply it on your paint, mirrors, and windows!

Don't I need to wax my car?

Waxing your vehicle in Australia is not the best option to protect your cars paint. Due to the extreme australian weather condition it is not recommended using car wax. What happens after applying wax on your car is the wax begins to melt in the hot sun and dirt particles will sink in and settle underneath the wax. This is particularly important in areas near the beach. Sand and salt are being carried underneath the protective wax and working like sand paper. Day by day your paint job gets thinner and loses more it's gloss and shine. While it heats up during the day and cools down at night, all the dirt particles move around and damage your paint.

Glassplexin toughens your paint job

Shynex Sahara is made from Glassplexin®, a paint sealant which bonds and sits inside the microscopic structure of your cars paint; working as a shield against Dirt, Acidic Tree Sap, nasty Bird Droppings and Acid Rain.